Loading Spout Handling Corn

Customer:  Hybrid Seed Producer

Material:  Corn

Application:  Loading corn into railcars

Challenge:  The seed producer was looking for a high performing dustless loading spout for a new railcar loading system. The loading process needed to be dustless to keep the facility’s worker conditions safe.

Equipment:  Vortex Retractable Loading Spout | PLS-275-E-8


When this hybrid seed producer expanded their operation to include rail load-out for their hybrid corn products, they knew it was important to locate and install loading spout that could perform effieciently. They also need to keep the facility clean and safe for their employees so a dustless option was the direction they wanted to go. After consulting with several industry professionals, they realized that maintenance friendly features on loading spouts were not real common – especially related to the lifting cables.

A local equipment representative who had successfully worked with the company on other projects suggested the Vortex loading spout. He felt the Vortex spout would help reduce maintenance costs, spare parts expenses, and lost production time for these three reasons:

1. A four cable lifting system that provides added support during the lifting and lowering procedure

2. Three-piece CNC machined pulleys reduced cable wear

3. Their 10-year cable warranty on lifting cables

The Vortex spout was ordered with a handheld pendant to control the spout and an auto-sensing kit to avoid overfilling of the rail cars. The auto-sensing kit eliminate the need for visual monitoring was something important to the customer. Additionally, the interior stacking cones were made of abrasive-resistant plate to address wear from the product being loaded.

“Vortex has given us everything we wanted in a loading spout. We are glad we did our homework prior to making a purchase!”


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