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Industrial Sand

The industrial sand industry relies on Vortex for valves used in product handling and retractable loading spouts used for truck and railcar loadout. This reliance was earned through innovation, product design, and previous experience. Industrial sand is used in many industries and the material handling criteria is different with each one of them.

Sand is used for:

  • Ceramics and Refractories
  • Chemical Production
  • Construction
  • Filtration and Water Production
  • Glassmaking
  • Metal Castings
  • Metal Production
  • Oil and Gas Recovery
  • Paint and Coatings

Industrial sand can be very abrasive and require industrial strength valves with harder materials of construction, thicker blades and valve bodies, and added dead pockets that allow material to abrade on itself instead of wearing through the valve. There are also applications where industrial sand does not need an abrasion resistant gate or diverter because of the decreased material flow rate or the material is less coarse. With industrial sand, there are many different variations. It is important to research available options before choosing a supplier.

Main reasons industrial sand producers choose Vortex:

1. Durability – Our Titan Series valves utilize liners made of hard metals or metal alloys in key areas to extend the valve’s service life. Replacing the liners is much easier than replacing the entire valve.

2. Ease of Maintenance – Industrial sand plant supervisors and maintenance personnel appreciate Vortex gates, diverter valves and loading spouts for their easy in-line maintenance features. These features reduce costs associated with downtime and lost production.

3. Sealing Technology™ – Vortex gates and diverters are engineered to contain fugitive dust that can create unproductive working conditions and create safety hazards from airborne contamination. They also reduce “house cleaning” costs that can be very expensive over the course of a year.

Products used in the

Industrial Sand


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