Vortex Titan Dual-Blade Clamshell Gate Handling Hot Briquetted Iron

Published: September 18, 2019

Size / Weight: 1000 mm (40”) – 1224 kg (2700 lbs)

Handling: Hot Briquetted Iron

Location: Iron Processor, Central United States

Features: This hydraulically actuated Vortex Dual-Blade Clamshell Gate features a blade made of .19 mm (3⁄4”) abrasion resistant steel (400 BHN). The blade is manufactured with an overlapping design to prevent material leakage when the gate is closed.

The body is constructed of .13 mm (1⁄2”) carbon steel with replaceable .13 mm (1⁄2”) abrasion resistant interior steel liners (400 BHN).

Application: Hot briquetted iron (HBI) is a premium raw material used in steelmaking. HBI contains more than 90% total iron and is used in blast furnaces to boost productivity and reduce coke consumption.