Vortex Titan Aggregate Diverter Provides Solutions

Published: October 1, 2019

Size & Weight: 24” (610mm) – 850 lbs (385 kg)

Handling: Bentonite/Clay/Limestone

Location: Pet Products Manufacturer, Central United States

Features: This Vortex Aggregate Diverter features a bucket style blade constructed of abrasion resistant steel (400 BHN). The blade is modified to contain a honeycomb “rock box” that initially traps the material handled. Subsequent material conveyed through the diverter impacts on the trapped material rather than wearing out the blade.

Additionally, the inlet contains a dead pocket “rock box” that addresses abrasive material entering the diverter at a slight angle.

Application: The Vortex diverter replaced a flapper diverter that no longer sealed material to the off leg and leaked material to atmosphere through numerous holes that had been worn through the diverter’s body.