Vortex Telescoping Loading Spouts Handling Individual Feed Ingredients

Published: October 9, 2019

Size: 20″ (508 mm)

Handling: Individual Feed Ingredients

Location: Feed Mill, North Central United States

Features: Six Vortex Telescoping Loading Spouts are equipped with double layer, trapezoidal shaped dust skirts that encompasses the peak of the material pile – containing dust that is being generated as material is stockpiled.

An external tilt probe signals the Auto-Raise System and manages the spout’s retraction process (keeping the dust skirt on the material and preventing material build-up in the spout) as the pile grows.

Application: A front end loader transports the ingredients to a mixer. From there, the material is pelletized, bagged, and palleted.

Prior to installing the Vortex spouts, material would free-fall into the individual retaining areas, creating a massive dust storm and potential employee health issues.

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