Vortex In-Line Filter – Model 70

Published: November 26, 2019

Size: 24″ (610 mm) – 4500 lbs (2041 kg)

Handling: Cement

Location: Cement Plant, Southwestern, USA

Application: The Vortex In-Line Filter will be installed above a Vortex telescoping loading spout and is designed to:

  • Displace dust-laden air from its source.
  • Separate dust from the air.
  • Exhaust the clean air into the atmosphere.
  • Re-entrain the filtered dust back into the load.

Available in different sizes, this model 70 contains 12 easily accessible filters and offers an air withdraw capacity of:
-2,800 ft3/min (CFM)
-168,000 ft3/hr (CFH)

The filter minimizes product loss and prevents dusting to atmosphere.