TPV Gates Assist in Loading Minerals into Sea Containers

Published: November 28, 2017

Quantity: Two Vortex TPV Gates

Size: 8 in. (203 mm)

Weight: 158 lbs. (72 kgs)

Handled Material: Mineral powder

Client: Mineral processor, USA


Each gate is equipped with…

  • Blade & material contact areas constructed from 440C stainless steel
    (Rockwell hardness = C 60).
  • A pre-wired terminal box (to save time & expense during installation).

Application: These Vortex TPV Gates are designed to handle abrasive materials in a dense phase pneumatic conveying process. In this client’s application, line pressures are approximately 35-40 psig.

Results: The Vortex TPV Gates are being used to isolate two source lines that are feeding into a main, common conveying line. The main line is conveying material into a sea container for shipping.

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