Titan Rounded Blade Diverter Handling Cement

Published: February 6, 2020

Size/Weight: 24” (610 mm) – 2500 lbs. (1134 kg)

Handling: Cement

Location: Cement Plant – Midwest, United States

The Vortex Titan Rounded Blade Diverter is a combination of two Rounded Blade Gates. The diverter features independent actuation for each blade – allowing material to be shut off at the inlet, discharged independently through each leg, or discharged through both legs simultaneously.

The customer requested that wetted parts as well as the body be constructed of abrasion resistant steel (400 BHN). Additionally, they requested inspection covers be added to the removable, side maintenance covers.

This diverter feeds cement to two truck load-out silos. It replaced a similar diverter. The customer likes the faster blade speed as well as the added features and benefits Vortex offers.