Seal Tite Diverter Handling LCD Screen Materials

Published: August 1, 2017

Customer: LCD Screen Manufacturer.

Materials: Alumina, Boric Acid & Limestone.

Product: LCD television screens and calculator screens.

Application: Divert product from one source to either of two destinations.

Challenge: Manufacture a special diverter to meet customer’s stringent handling specifications.


In 2003, a customer approached a Vortex representative regarding special application requirements for several Roller Gates. The gates needed to be a custom, rectangular shape, while also capable of providing a dust-tight seal. The customer also requested the gates be supplied with customer-specified air control solenoids and position indication switches.

In spring 2004, the customer requested several customized flapper-style diverters for an overseas project handling alumina, boric acid and limestone. After reviewing information on the Vortex Seal Tite Diverter, the customer was attracted to the diverter’s sealing ability, maintenance accessibility, and willingness to be manufactured for specific application.

In this case, four diverters were to have custom off-legs of specific angles and lengths. All of the diverters were to contain polymer wear liners. The diverters were to have no stainless steel internal parts, because stainless steel can cause irregularities in LCD screens and is difficult to extract from the system with magnets. The diverters were to be custom-painted yellow.

All of the customer’s application-specific requirements have been met by Vortex, and many more orders have resulted since that first introduction in 2003.