Roller Gates and Seal Tite Diverters Handling Coffee Beans

Published: December 3, 2019

Handling: Coffee Beans (Green and Roasted)

Location: Coffee Supplier & Distributor, Texas USA

ApplicationRoller Gates and Three-Way Seal Tite Diverters were implemented in a conveying system to support the movement of green and roasted coffee beans.

FeaturesThe customer is currently only using the middle outlet of the Seal Tite Diverters. The two outside legs are blanked off for future expansion if necessary.

The Roller Gates feature Infinite Variable Positioners (IVPs) to allow material flow control capabilities on both the opening and closing strokes. IVPs are highly accurate. When automated, the IVP can actuate in increments of +/- 2%. When manually controlled, the IVP can actuate in increments of +/- 4%.

Both products are serviceable while in-line allowing for ease of maintenance and minimal downtime.

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