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Vortex Receives Award for Controlling Risks in the Workplace

December 4, 2017
News & Updates

Vortex Receives Award for Controlling Risks in the Workplace

December 4, 2017

This fall, Vortex received a Most Outstanding Risk Control Performance Award from Archway Insurance Ltd., which recognizes only the top 2% of Archway members for their efforts in controlling workplace risk and reinforcing those efforts through training and education. The most prestigious of Archway awards, Vortex scored highest among Archway’s 240 membership companies.

“This award is a true testament not only to the efforts our team puts into safety on the manufacturing floor, but to Vortex as a whole for the company's emphasis on employee safety & health as a culture," said Mark Sander, standards manager at Vortex. "Vortex will strive to hold its place as Archway’s top performer for many years to come.”

Award recipients were scored on several criteria, including:

  • Score 80% or higher on the Risk Control Assessment. Vortex greatly surpassed the benchmark, achieving a score of 95%.
  • Loss-Fund-Loss Ratio: A calculation for workman's compensation claims & the financial loss from those claims. Vortex scored well, due to its thorough documentation of claims and the financial loss of those claims being minimal.
  • For workman's compensation claims over $20,000, the member company opted to participate in Archway's Claim Review program.

“While accidents cannot be predicted, we must keep employees aware of workplace risks and incentivize safe behaviors," said Felix Martinez, safety & environmental coordinator at Vortex. "Our company will continue its strong efforts to prevent risk and workplace hazards, and continue educating ourselves on the best strategies to do so.”

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