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Vortex is Coming to a City Near You

February 18, 2020
News & Updates

Vortex is Coming to a City Near You

February 18, 2020

With spring right around the corner, Vortex Global will once again hit the road to bring our quality lines of slide gates, diverter valves and loading solutions directly to the customers with the Vortex Mobile Display Unit.

The Mobile Display Unit (MDU) gives Vortex the opportunity to speak directly with our customers reinforcing our brand message of personalized customer service and market-driven innovations in product design. MDU visits offer live demonstrations of fully operational slide gates, diverter valves and loading solutions and the chance to interact with Vortex representatives to learn how Vortex products can improve your process efficiency. The MDU will spend nearly 30 weeks traveling the United States and Canada.

For facilities that already have Vortex products installed, an MDU visit can provide plant maintenance personnel with step-by-step instructions on how to clean and maintain existing equipment. Plant visits can range from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the customer’s specific needs.

In addition to visiting existing and potential customers, the MDU also gives Vortex an opportunity to connect with the next generation of solids and bulk handling professionals.

Each year, the MDU visits the Kansas State University campus located in Manhattan, KS, to showcase its products to students in the Feed Science & Management and Milling Science & Management programs. These visits give students the opportunity to see Vortex products up close and in action.

“It’s very beneficial for our students to see this equipment out of place so that they understand how it works and what it looks like from a visual perspective,” said Caitlin Evans, PhD student in Grain Science. “In-line in a facility it’s not always easy to understand how something works so this gives the students an in-depth understanding of the choices available to them and how the inner workings come together.”

As these students progress through their studies at Kansas State, they will have multiple opportunities to see Vortex products in action. In addition to MDU visits, many of the students will see Vortex valves in action in the Hal Ross Flour Millon K-State’s campus and at industry conferences and tradeshows.

“I’ve been able to visit the MDU on campus several times and I’ve seen Vortex products on display at several conferences,” said Rachel Schuetze, senior in Feed Science and Management. “It is very helpful to see these products in action. It gives me the chance to see how these products could be applied in my classes and in my internship.”

If you are interested in hosting an MDU visit at your facility, please visit vortexglobal.com/demo or contact your local Vortex representative. Vortex’s fleet of Mobile Display Units also includes an MDU dedicated to loading solutions and an MDU dedicated to serving our customers located in Canada. To book either one of these MDUs at your facility, please call Vortex at 1.888.829.7821.

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