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Case Studies

TLD Diverters Handling Animal Feed

December 28, 2017
Case Studies

TLD Diverters Handling Animal Feed

December 28, 2017
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Product Quantity:
Divert raw grain materials from one source toward three destinations, to be pelletized for animal feed.


  • Diverter Size: 10 in. (254 mm)
  • Diverter body constructed from 304 stainless steel.
  • Blade constructed from AR 400 carbon steel.
  • Blade seal constructed from polyurethane.
  • Material contact areas feature replaceable AR 400 carbon steel wear liners.
  • Shaft seal constructed from PET. Shaft seal is backed with live-loaded silicone rubber to compensate for wear.
  • Three-way diverting design (1 inlet, 3 outlets)
  • Outlet legs offset at 45° from vertical.
  • Rated for 180° F (82° C) continuous service.
  • Rated for outdoor installation & service.


These Vortex TLD Diverters feature abrasion-resistant liners, so that materials can abrade upon replaceable parts, rather than the diverter body itself. For return-on-investment purposes, AR liners are beneficial because they are the difference between replacing parts or full diverter replacement.

TLD Diverters also feature a removable access door that allows inspection or maintenance to be easily performed while the diverter remains in-line.

TLD Diverters feature removable wetted parts so that worn parts can be replaced, rather than full diverter replacement.

The TLD Diverter is designed so that as materials flow through the diverter’s inlet, the leading edge of the blade enters a recessed area. This protects the blade and its seals from product abrasion.

TLD Diverters feature a wear-compensating shaft seal that protects against wear to the blade shaft, keeps materials from lodging and spoiling below the blade shaft, and prevents material leakage to the opposite leg(s).

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