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Case Study

Titan Slide Gate Handling Washed Sand

Industrial Sand Processing Plant - Colorado, USA
Sand is being washed to remove impurities like clay, silt, and organic matter, the screened material is washed with water. The Titan Gate handles the washed sand.

Efficiency and Reliability in Industrial Sand Processing


This client faces significant inefficiencies in their sand washing process due to the use of competitor gates that frequently leak and require repeated maintenance.


To address these challenges, the client installed Vortex’s Titan Gate in their sand processing plant. The Titan Gate, sized at 17 inches, is installed below the wash bin to facilitate the seamless passage of washed sand. The system setup includes a water recycling mechanism where water drains out of screens in the silo above the gate and wash bin, which is then captured in a cylindrical water reservoir for recycling.


Since its installation in 2017, the Vortex Titan Gate as of June 2024 has operated flawlessly . The gate actuates between 6-7 times per week, effectively managing the flow of washed sand to the weigh belt via the chute below the gate. Unlike the competitor gates onsite, the Vortex Titan Gate has performed exceptionally well, even though it is not explicitly designed to seal liquids. This success is attributed to its robust design, which handles damp materials like sand efficiently.


The installation of the Vortex Titan Gate provides unmatched reliability. The client plans to replace all their existing competitor gates with Vortex equipment, driven by the superior reliability and efficiency observed in the Titan Gate's operation. This case exemplifies how Vortex’s innovative design solutions deliver reliable and maintenance-free performance in challenging environments.

For more information on how Vortex’s Titan Gate can enhance your sand processing operations or to discuss your specific application needs, please contact us.

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