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Case Study

Stacked Fill Pass Diverters Handling Flour

Food Products Supplier, Southwest, USA
Transport flour via a closed loop conveying system from individual, grade specific holding bins to weigh hoppers for blending and load out.

The client utilized sets of three stacked Vortex Fill Pass Diverter valves. These valves are specifically designed to be stacked on top of one another. Each valve is attached to a separate conveying line that can convey required amounts of different materials into each weigh hopper located beneath the valve stack.

Besides offering the ability to accommodate conveying lines handling different materials, the Vortex Fall Pass Diverter provides a positive material shut off resulting in accurate scale weights. No additional material is added to the bin once it has been weighted.

The design of the Fill Pass Diverter utilizes spread hopper inlet/outlet stacks for improved air and material separation reducing fill time and down line material carryover.

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