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Case Study

Maintenance Gate Handling Titanium Metal Powder

Company policy dictates name cannot be used.
Shut off material to downstream for maintenance.

Product: Titanium metal powder.

Challenge: Install a small, manual keeper gate in an existing system that can be shut without using a hammer.


Vortex enjoys working with customers to provide problem-solving products for their specific needs. This 4” round “Keeper” Maintenance Gate is the smallest size we have manufactured in this product line.

In this particular application, the customer needed a shut off point within an application handling titanium metal powder. The gate was essential for shutting off material for the instances maintenance needed to be performed on down stream equipment.

Many customers are realizing the advantage of incorporating a maintenance gate into their systems. Having a reliable and economical means to shut off material flow for system maintenance (or in case of an upset condition within the system) is important. Unfortunately, most maintenance gates leave a lot to be desired. Traditional products normally incorporate some kind of sliding plate without any type of seal. The gate leaks material in both the closed and open positions. Some companies actuate their sliding plate with a small sledgehammer. Typically, the plate is bent after the first time it is struck and never works properly again.

The Vortex Maintenance Gate offers many advantages over traditional style gates. The “Keeper,” with its live-loaded, wear compensating, adjustable seals, provides a positive material and air seal to atmosphere, when installed in a closed system. This makes it an excellent choice for handling fine powders in dilute phase (up to 15 psig) conveying systems.

A narrow profile makes the “Keeper” easily adaptable to existing installations. The hand crank actuator is geared to allow the gate to close through a standing column of material if necessary. Five revolutions of the crank move the blade 1”. The Vortex Maintenance Gate is competitively priced and available in square, rectangular and round inlet sizes.

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