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Case Study

Loading Spout Handling Rice Hulls

Rice mill – Southeast USA
Rice hulls are loaded into open trucks and transported to a local animal feed producer.

Travel Distance: 8 ft | 2.4 m

Outlet Scavenger Size: 14 in | 355 mm


  • Intended for open loading application.
  • Explosion-proof rated for Class II Div II environments.
  • Equipped with a Dust Control Skirt, an 8-button Remote Control Pendant, and a Pneumatic Probe which works in tandem with an Auto-Raise System.

Results: Because rice hulls are very lightweight, the client’s previous loading solution allowed large quantities to escape to atmosphere. This created safety issues and product loss. These issues have been eliminated with the installation of Vortex Loading Spouts.

Rice Hulls: What They Are

Rice hulls are the protective coverings of rice grains. They are mostly indigestible by humans. Rice hulls are sometimes used in fertilizer, insulation and other building materials, and can be used in power generation.

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