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Case Study

Loading Spout Assists at Limestone Mine and Mill

Limestone Mine and Mill, Southeast US
14” (355 mm)
The spouts replaced three problematic spouts at a truck load out in the facility. The plant manager made the comment that this was now the cleanest load out area and future plans were to replace the spouts at the other truck load out.

These three Vortex Telescoping Loading Spout feature 14” feed inlets with a load rate capacity of up to 15,000 ft³/hr (425 m³/hr). The extended travel distance specified for this application was 8’ (2.4 m).

The spouts connect to Vortex Model 40 Filters rated for an air withdrawal capacity of 1,600 ft³/min (CFM) – 45 m³/min (CMM).

Dust created during the loading process is vacuumed through the Spout to the Filter where it is temporarily trapped and later reintroduced into the load.

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