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Case Study

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) Manufacturer Utilizing Vortex® Rounded Blade Gate™ (RBG)

HBI manufacturer in the southern United States
"Main Line Diverter" Rounded Blade gates Hot Briquetted Iron being diverted in up to 4 directions simultaneously.

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) is a premium form of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) that has been compacted into a dense, high purity, high density briquette. This process enhances its handling characteristics, making it more suitable for storage and transportation in various industrial settings.

HBI is produced through a process called direct reduction, in which iron ore, typically in the form of pellets or lumps, is heated in the absence of oxygen. This process reduces the iron ore to a metallic state, creating DRI. This DRI is then compressed under high pressure into the form of briquettes, resulting in HBI.

The high density and purity of HBI make it an excellent feedstock for blast furnaces and electric arc furnaces in the steelmaking process. It is also favored due to its low levels of impurities, such as sulfur and phosphorus, which can negatively impact the quality of the steel.

HBI boasts a high density and strength, which makes it more resistant to degradation during handling and transportation than other forms of DRI. However, this also means specialized equipment is required to handle and transport it effectively.

Vortex Engineered Solution: 

Vortex Model No. RBG24-1X4-PKG-E128675, 24"  1 X 4 Way Rolling Blade Trunk Diverter Package consisting of:


Qty. (1) RBG24-1X4CS-TRUNK-E128675  

  • Inlet trunk with true 24” opening and 4X square outlets.
  • Inlet and outlet flanges match ASME B16.5 700 square flange size and hole spacing.
  • Outlets are equally spaced in 90° increments.  Outlet flanges are at 45° from vertical.  
  • Side walls and lower sloped face have removable liners constructed from 1" chromium carbide overlay (1/2" on 1/2")
  • Center of trunk has a removable rock box section.  
  • Rock Box vertical panels are constructed from 1/2" abrasion resistant steel 400 BHN minimum.   
  • Trunk flanges and base design is made from 1/2" carbon steel.

Qty. (4) RBG24-CCL-E128675  

  • Rounded Blade Gate with chromium carbide overlay, (1/2" on 1/2"), blade and liners.
  • Set up for 60 PSI supply plant air, cylinders to have cushion on both ends.
  • Body and Flanges are constructed from 1/2" thick carbon steel.   
  • Flange Matches ASME B16.5 700 square flange size and hole spacing.
  • Set up for use with  Allen- Bradley 871L-D20_EP40-D4 proximity switches.
  • True 24” opening. With side seals removed.
Rock Box inside of the Inlet. This Rock Box will allow material to build up so that it can abrade upon itself.
Also shown are the Carbide Liners

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