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Case Study

California Glass Recycler Utilizing the Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter

Glass Recycler
A pivoting chute with custom vibration & shock resistant modifications to the actuator arms handling recycled glass.

A pivoting chute with custom vibration & shock resistant modifications to the actuator arms. These modifications make this diverter a more suitable solution for the abrasive and rough nature of handling recycled glass.

About this customer:

This glass recycler is a forward-thinking team committed to the sustainable transformation of discarded glass into valuable resources. Through their innovative recycling practices, they turn what might have been waste into a treasure, embodying the essence of a circular economy. Their dedication extends beyond simple recycling; they strive to reduce waste, conserve resources, and contribute to a healthier planet. Guided by a vision of a greener future, they believe in giving every piece of glass a second chance at life.

With a state-of-the-art glass processing facility, this team has developed an efficient and sustainable approach to glass recycling. Their process begins with the collection of glass waste, which is then delivered to their sorting stations. Here, the glass is broken down into smaller pieces, undergoes a trommel process for further size reduction, and then is dried in a fluidized bed drier.

Once the glass has been appropriately processed, it can be used in various applications. Some of it is transformed into recycled container glass and glass cullet, while some of it is utilized in the manufacturing of glass containers and construction aggregates. The crushed glass, also known as cullet, can even be further pulverized into a powder used as a substitute for stone aggregates in road construction.

In addition, this team also contributes to the wine and spirits industry by producing glass containers, making them a significant player in the United States' glass container market.

This comprehensive approach to recycling ensures that every piece of glass waste is given a second life, promoting a circular economy and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Vortex Solution:

A standard Vortex Pivoting chute was originally provided to this customer as a material handling solution. Unfortunately the very rough nature of this glass re-cycling process proved to be too strenuous for the standard Pivoting Chute actuator arm setup.

Standing by this customer and utilizing our in house engineering team, the pictured solutions below were designed to help isolate the actuator arm from shock and vibration. This new design has the customer back in action.

Vortex Model No. PC250-2CS-SL-45-V197137
  • 10" (250MM) 2-way Pivoting Chute Diverter.  
  • Valve body (non-wetted) is constructed of carbon steel.  
  • Inlet chute and internal pivoting chute (both replaceable parts) constructed of abrasion resistant steel (minimum 400 BHN).  
  • Outlet chutes and the bottom portion of the diverter (material contact areas) contain replaceable AR400 liners.  
  • The interior juncture of the outlet legs includes a wear-resistant, replaceable material containment bar.
  • Removable access cover is provided to inspect or maintain diverter without removing it from service.  
  • Diverter is rated for continuous temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).  Valve body is designed to accept proximity switches.
  • Double acting air cylinder actuator
  • (SL) - Straight through flow design, with one offset leg
  • Outlet legs offset 45° from vertical
  • Square inlet and outlets have a drilled flat flange for bolt through connection.
An intermediary double flange bolted together with a gasket in-between was designed to reduce the amount of shock and vibration that affects the arm.

These modifications are neatly housed beneath the safety cover.

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