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Vortex Global: Voted Company of the Year for 2023 by SME Chapter 52

December 13, 2023

Vortex Global: Voted Company of the Year for 2023 by SME Chapter 52

Every year, SME Chapter 52 embarks on a mission to discover and recognize manufacturing excellence within Kansas. This annual tradition involves intimate, on-site tours of several manufacturing facilities, offering an in-depth look at their operations, products, and services. Utilizing technical insights gained from these visits, along with a keen focus on problem-solving, quality, customer service, industry expertise, and product customization, the Chapter then deliberates to select a deserving company for their esteemed 'Company of the Year' award. This tradition is not merely a ceremonial gesture, but a sincere effort to highlight companies that align with SME's commitment to propel manufacturing engineering and technologies forward.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is a renowned professional organization dedicated to advancing manufacturing and attracting future generations to the field. SME is globally recognized for its enduring commitment to professionals, academics, students, and companies within the manufacturing industry, offering comprehensive resources such as networking opportunities, industry insights, and professional development.

The honor of being recognized as the 'Company of the Year' for 2023 was communicated to Vortex Global in November.

"Chapter 52, SME toured your facility in April this year. We were so impressed with your courtesy, professionalism, and the manufacturing excellence we witnessed at Vortex. Vortex Global was voted Company of the Year for 2023 by our chapter."

The announcement filled Vortex with a sense of pride, affirming the dedication of every team member in upholding our commitment to technical excellence and customer-centric values. The pinnacle of this recognition came at the annual SME Christmas party hosted on December 12th. Amidst a room of industry professionals, Vortex was honored with this award, serving as a testament to our  resolve in problem-solving, delivering quality, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and showcasing our industry expertise.

As we celebrate this recognition, Vortex Global remains committed to innovating, engaging, and evolving with the ever-changing dynamics of our industry. Our goal is simple yet paramount - to continue delivering value-added equipment and services that propel manufacturing engineering forward while exceeding customer expectations.  In conclusion, we express our heartfelt gratitude to SME Chapter 52 for their recognition and support.

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