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10-Year Warranty on Vortex Loading Spout Cables

April 7, 2014

Vortex Loading Spout lifting cables offer a 10-year warranty for wear, tear and workmanship. This compares to the industry's standard 1-year warranty.

The Vortex Loading Spout is unique to others offered by the industry because it features a four-cable lifting design, compared to the industry's standard two- and three-cable designs. The four-cable design provides maximum stability as the spout extends and retracts.

Another primary feature of the Vortex Loading Spout's hoist drive system is its three-piece, CNC-machined pulleys with rounded edges and precision cable grooves. This design allows for smooth extension and retraction, to reduce cable wear and prevent backlashing. Because of these wear considerations, Vortex lifting cables do not fray. Therefore, cable failure is nearly eliminated and so is costly downtime for repairs.

"We are confident that our loading spout design will increase the lifting cable life span," explained Jon Jasinski, vice president of Vortex Loading Solutions. "Vortex Loading Spout lifting cables will seldom need replacing, saving our end users downtime and money." 

The warranty covers any Vortex Loading Spout lifting cable that breaks or is defective due to friction, wear and/or irritation caused by the pulley system.

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