Quantum Quick Clean Orifice Gate Handling Pharmaceutical Powders

Published: March 22, 2017

Customer:     Company policy dictates name cannot be used

Material:        Pharmaceutical powders

Application:   Prescription medications

Challenge:    Locate a low profile slide gate that:

  • Will provide a positive shut off beneath the dry mixer
  • Can quickly be taken apart and completely cleaned at the end of each product run
  • Is USDA approved


Quick Clean Orifice Gate


A Vortex Quick Clean Orifice Gate met all of the customer’s requirements. The Quick Clean Orifice Gate was specifically designed for applications requiring daily sanitation of equipment to eliminate the potential growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

In this application, the customer additionally asked that the flange and blade assemblies be electropolished to provide a #8 finish.

The valve was installed during the fall of 2002. Seal and shim replacements are the only maintenance the valve has required since installation. The Vortex Quick Clean Orifice Gate continues to satisfy the special needs of its original purchase.