Pivoting Chute Diverters with Chute Assist Rods Handling Metal Alloys

Published: December 12, 2019

Size/Weight: 18” (457 mm) – 1550 lbs. (703 kg)

Handling: Metal Alloys

Location: Steel Mill, Central US

Features: A major advantage of the Vortex Titan Pivoting Chute Diverter is the fact that internal inspection or maintenance can be performed without having to remove the diverter from place.

The internal chute for this diverter is chromium carbide lined and weighs 450 pounds (204 kg). Where larger diverters with heavier chutes are involved, Vortex supplies chute removal assist rods to support the heavier weight and make removal of the chute easier.

Application: All the wetted parts of this particular diverter are protected by chromium carbide liners to address abrasion and wear from the material handled.

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