Pivoting Chute Diverter Handling Glass Beads

Published: July 20, 2020

Client: Glass Material Producer, Southwest US

Material Handled: Glass Beads

Size and Weight: 150 mm ( 6” ) – 224 kg (495 lbs)


This Vortex Titan Pivoting Chute Diverter features “wetted parts” (parts that material comes in direct contact with) made of abrasion-resistant steel (400 BHN) to address wear from the material handled.

A major advantage of the Pivoting Chute Diverter is the ability to shift on the fly (change direction of the material flow without first having to stop the flow of material).

Additionally, there are no internal polymer or rubber seals to maintain.

The side access panel allows for interior inspection or maintenance without having to remove the diverter from service.


The small glass spheres are used for highway safety. They are added to highway paint to make lane markings light-reflective.

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