Pivoting Chute Diverter Handling Clinker

Published: June 9, 2020

Client: Industrial Contractor, Australia

Material Handled: Clinker

Size and Weight: 900 mm (36”) – 4990 kg (11000 lbs)


This quarter-turn, electrically actuated (400V/3PH/50HZ) Vortex Titan Pivoting Chute Diverter is designed to manage extreme abrasion. It contains an inlet chute and internal pivoting chute made of ¾” thick abrasion-resistant steel (400 BHN). The outlet legs feature ½” thick replaceable liners (400 BHN).

The diverter’s ½” carbon steel body is protected by a customer specified paint that addresses local environmental conditions.


The Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter was chosen for this new cement facility based on the diverter’s features and recommendations from current Vortex customers.


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