Orifice Gates Handling Plastic Pellets

Published: September 25, 2018

Client: Irrigation equipment manufacturer – USA

Size: 4 in | 100 mm

Quantity: 4 Vortex Orifice Gates 


  • Oversized, double-acting air cylinder actuator.
  • Body constructed from aluminum.
  • Blade, material contact areas, main flange & orifice liners constructed from 304 stainless steel.
  • Rated for material temperatures up to 180° F | 82° C continuous service.
  • PET pressure plates; backed with live-loaded natural rubber load seals.

Application: Pneumatically convey plastic pellets from a truck into rooftop silos. The gates are intended to prevent silo overfill, if the convey line must be closed off before the truck’s blower can be shut down.


A total of four convey lines are used to fill four separate rooftop silos.
Each Vortex Orifice Gate is used to isolate the four convey lines.

These Vortex Orifice Gates are specifically designed for outdoor installation. To address the possibility for moisture in outdoor environments, the gates were equipped with PET pressure plates.
When exposed to moisture, the standard nylon pressure plates can swell
and cause actuation issues. Oppositely, PET does not swell and, therefore,
has a lesser risk of actuation issues.

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