Loading Spout Handling Tea

Published: January 22, 2019

Client: Tea & coffee merchant – United Kingdom

Application: Control fine material particulate as various types of tea leaves are fed into a blending drum.

Quantity: 1 Vortex Loading Spout


  • Three double-acting air cylinder actuators replace the Vortex Loading Spout’s standard electric motor & four-cable hoist drive system.
  • Tube-in-tube design.
  • 18 oz blue neoprene-coated polyester outer sleeve. The sleeve is ATEX-approved and is static dissipative to address the potentially explosive
    environment. It also carries a 21 CFR rating for food & beverage contact.
  • Dust Collection Port (pictured right)

    Dust collection port to route to the client’s pre-existing dust collection system.

  • For beverage safety, the spout’s material contact areas are constructed from 304 stainless steel, with all welds ground and polished to a 52RA/#3 finish.


Once all the tea types have been introduced into the blending drum, the spout is retracted and the blender is secured to begin the blending process. When the process is complete, the tea blend is transported to a packaging line.

Vortex Loading Spouts are bespoke to meet the application requirements
of clients worldwide.

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