Loading Spout Assists in Copper Smelting Process

Published: August 8, 2017

Size: 14″ – (355 mm)

Handling: Limestone

Location: Copper Processor – Mexico

Features: Four Vortex Loading Spouts with detachable skirts & level-sensing probes.


Limestone is being delivered to a kiln by open trucks. To mitigate the dust created and emitted during the loading process, the skirt flares out over top of the material pile to trap dust as it is being removed by vacuum pull to a dust collector.

The level-sensing probe rests atop the material pile and slowly tilts as the material pile gets higher. Once the probe reaches a certain tilt, an auto-raise feature is signaled to retract the spout gradually upward. This retraction will occur multiple times during the loading process.

During the smelting* process, limestone is utilized as a flux to remove accompanying rock material to be processed as slag.

Smelting: The process of extracting copper metal from its ore.