Customer:       Specialty Materials Manufacturer

Material:           Binding agent for molding sand

Application:     Load out spouts and slide gates for a new blending facility

Challenge:       Source equipment that will provide excellent life-cycle costs for the material being handled

Spouts:            Vortex Retractable Loading Spouts |  PLS-275-E-4

Gates:              Vortex Aggregate, Maintenance and Roller Gates


When this specialty materials manufacturer was specifying equipment for a new blending facility they chose Vortex for loading spouts and slide gates. Years of positive experience with Vortex valves in their other plants made the choice for slide gates an easy one. Past maintenance issues with a previous spout supplier caused them to consider Vortex’s loading spout.

The spout’s proprietary 4-cable lifting design provides maximum stability and more lifting torque. The center mount motor offers better protection from the elements and easy accessibility. A 3-piece, machined pulley with 10-year warranty on the cables is virtually unheard of in the industry.

Vortex’s attention to what they have incorporated as standard features, combined with the “EPA friendly” dustless design of this product, made the choice of six Vortex Retractable Loading Spouts for truck and rail load out of the new facility an easy one.