Iris Valve Handling Powdered Glass

Published: January 23, 2019

Client: Company policy dictates name cannot be used.

Application: Discharge abrasive powder beneath a tote system.

Quantity: 1 Vortex Iris Valve


  • Size: 12 in | 305 mm
  • Urethane-coated sleeve
  • Infinite position handle


This client had not previously done business with Vortex. They had used alternative iris valves from two other industrial equipment manufacturers and had not been comfortable with either company’s pricing or valve mechanics.

In those past experiences, the client had experimented with different sleeve materials and found that a urethane-coated sleeve gave them longer wear resistance, compared to other sleeve materials. In the Vortex Iris Valve design, the client was intrigued by the infinite position handle, since flow rates are frequently changing as the glass powder discharges from the bin.

The client ordered one Vortex Iris Valve to proof out the equipment in the given application. Right away, they enjoyed the performance of the Vortex Iris Valve over alternatives. 14 additional valves were immediately ordered and today, the client standardizes on Vortex Iris Valves.

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