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Our knowledge and experience with handling abrasive materials like cement came from an extended and close working relationship with the minerals industry. We identified slide gates and diverter valves’ key wear points, reinforced those areas with abrasion resistant materials, and added features to reduce the time it takes to perform maintenance on our components. These improvements extend the valve’s service life and reduces life-cycle costs.

Companies that deal with abrasive material are conscious of the fact that new equipment begins to wear out immediately upon use. Equipment installed in harsh environments need constant maintenance. To address this issue, Vortex designs slide gates and diverter valves that are serviceable in-line. Performing service to a gate or diverter without having to remove it reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Why the cement industry chooses Vortex:

1. Durability – Our cement handling components utilize liners made of hard metals or metal alloys in key areas to extend the valve’s service life. Replacing the liners is much easier than replacing the entire valve.

2. Ease of Maintenance – Cement plant supervisors and maintenance personnel appreciate Vortex gates, diverter valves and loading spouts for their easy in-line maintenance features. These features reduce costs associated with downtime and lost production.

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