Large Gravity Vee Diverter Handling Urea Prills

Published: August 31, 2016

Valve Size:    36″ (915 mm)

Handling:    Urea Prills

Location: Mining Industry Supplier – Western US

Features: This Vortex (Titan sized) Gravity Vee Diverter features dual hydraulic actuators, 304 stainless steel “wetted” parts, inlet inspection doors, and outlet flanges that match the customer’s bolt hole pattern.

Details: The Gravity Vee offers multiple material handling options:

  • Material shut off at the diverter
  • Material conveyed through side A with side B closed
  • Material conveyed through side B with side A closed
  • Material conveyed through side A and B at same time
  • Metering of material through either or both sides