Diverter Valve for Handling Flour

Published: April 15, 2016

Customer:  Company policy dictates name cannot be used

Material:  Flour

Application:  Transport flour via a closed-loop pneumatic conveying system.

Challenge:  Convey material into 12 storage bins where filtering can be expedited.

Valves: Vortex Fill Pass Diverter  |  Model D83-10SSFS-MG

Results:  A US flour producer contacted Vortex regarding a major expansion they were making to their facility. The company was conveying flour from a mill storage silo through a blending facility (where ingredients were added) into 12 storage bins. At the three packing stations, four storage bins feed each packer to dispense flour mixture into bags ranging from 30-50 lbs (15-20 kgs) each. The goal was to speed production to between 80,000- 100,000 lbs (36,285-45,360 kgs) per hour, and to improve sanitation within the facility. (The top filter on each individual storage bin was a source of potential infestation.)

Company project engineers were familiar with Vortex valves. This facility had previously installed Wye Line Diverters at its rail load-out station and was pleased with the service they provided.

A total of 15 Fill Pass Diverters, equipped with air purges, were specified for the new closed-loop system. The customer liked the many product features, including the positive sealing of air and material, reduced fill time, and “self cleaning” valve mechanics. Through the new closed-loop system, sanitation inspections could be done at the system’s common filter receiver, rather than at each individual filter.