Flex Tube Diverter Handling Chili Powder

Published: October 10, 2016

Customer: National Chili Processor

Material: Chili Powder

Application: Blending chili and spice powders

Challenge: Locate a new blending system that incorporates diverters and gates that will seal material to atmosphere.


Results: When this national company was considering a new blending and mixing station, much of the emphasis for the project was placed on increasing output with additional production efficiency.

Previously, the company had experienced issues with valves and diverters within an old system. The diverters caused cross-contamination among the product recipes and the slide gates leaked to atmosphere. In both cases, the expensive chili powder had to be trashed. Chili powder leaking to atmosphere creates an airborne health hazard (eyes and skin) and also a “slippery floor” safety hazard for company employees.

The new system incorporated a Vortex Flex Tube Diverter to eliminate product cross-contamination and Vortex Roller Gates to shut off and seal material at the bottom of dry blenders and mixers.

Production was impressed with the performance of the Vortex valves as well as the maintenance friendly features each one has to offer. “These valves truly seal our material.”