Flex Tube Diverter for Coffee Beans_cross contamination

Diverter Valve for Handling Coffee Beans

Customer: US Coffee Supplier

Material: Green Coffee Beans

Product: Roasted and Ground Coffee

Application: To pneumatically convey coffee beans from holding bins into blenders.

Challenge: Locate a reliable 2-way diverter to replace problematic diverters currently in the system. Problems include:
-Inadequate sealing of material
-Poor valve actuation
-Cross contamination of material

Valves: Vortex 3-Way Flex Tube Diverters |Model No. T8-3SSY-FS1-X


A Vortex Flex Tube Diverter met all of the customer’s requirements. In addition, the coffee supplier really liked having the option of using a 2 or 3-way Flex Tube Diverter valve. This allowed them to replace two 2-way diverters with a single 3-way model from Vortex.

To also meet the customer’s needs, they wanted the diverter to be manufactured with oversized sight windows on the top and bottom of the valve housing. This feature provides a visual means for production personnel to readily see which mixer is receiving product. A total of six diverters were purchased by the coffee supplier.