Aggregate Gate with Return Pan Handling Silica Sand

Valves: 2 Vortex Aggregate Gates with Return Pans

Material:  Silica Sand (Used in Construction Adhesives)

Location: Adhesive Manufacturer (Mexico)

Application: Shut off the flow of silica sand from a product silo that discharges into a weigh hopper.

Challenge: Obtain a slide gate that withstands the abrasiveness of the material handled and will not leak product to atmosphere.

Results: For this new facility application, the customer opted for two Vortex Model A12-MG-AR Aggregate Gates. Each was equipped with abrasion resistant plate blades. The gates included full-length return pans on the discharge. This fabricated accessory is available for applications requiring zero external product leakage. Any material that migrates into the bonnet area of the valve is returned to the processing line. The installation went online in May of 2005. To date, the Vortex Aggregate Gates have performed maintenance free.