Aggregate Diverter Handling Metal Alloy

Published: December 20, 2018

Client: Steel Mill – Southeastern USA

Size: 18 in | 455 mm (square)

Weight: 450 lb | 205 kg

Application: The client is routing 2 in | 50 mm pieces of abrasive alloy. This diverter is specifically designed to address abrasion and material impact.


  • All wetted parts (i.e. the interior surfaces where handled materials come in contact with the valve) are protected by chromium carbide liners. Chromium carbide is an alloy containing high chromium and high carbon concentrations, characterizing it as corrosion-resistant and incredibly hard – typically 400-600 Brinell Hardness Number (BHN).
  • Beneath the chromium carbide is a mild steel base. Mild steel allows the material contact areas to absorb the impact from free-falling materials, in order to protect the chromium carbide liners from premature wear.

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