Vortex Titan Pressure Valves Handling Abrasive Dust and Sticky Particulates

Published: September 26, 2019

Size & Weight: 10” (254mm) – 271lbs. (123kg)

Handling: Biomass and Biogas Particulates

Location: United Kingdom

Features: These Vortex Titan Pressure Valves address three major application concerns:

  • Abrasive material handled (wetted parts are made of 440c stainless steel offering a Rockwell hardness of 60C)
  • High pressure application (valves are rated up to 100 psig – 6.8 barg)
  • Increased temperatures (up to 660 F, 350 C)

Application: With a requirement to handle abrasive dust and sticky particulates and a system temperature up to 350 C, the Vortex TPV Valve incorporates cast ductile iron flanges with a hardened 440C stainless steel blade and seat. An air gap between the valve and the air cylinder promote heat dissipation present from higher temperature applications.

Patented Rising Blade Design:
The bevelled leading edge of the blade closes into a matching bevelled lower flange to force the blade into the seat. A matching bevel on the clevis forces the blade into the seat on the opposite end of the blade. The bevel on the leading edge of the blade ends before it reaches the blade guide. This forces material forward and back into the convey line.

Spring Loaded Blade Guides:
The blade is kept in contact with the seat throughout the stroke of the air cylinder with the aid of blade guides. These guides are supported by multiple wave springs on both sides of the blade that apply constant upward pressure helping to seal the valves. This feature extends the service life of the valves and makes it ideal for higher pressure applications.

High Temperature Design:
From the ductile iron housing to the precision metal-to-metal seal, the TPV contains no polymers or elastomers that can become problematic at high temperatures. The combination of a stainless-steel piston rod and the air gap between the body and the air cylinder help reduce the transfer of heat to the air cylinder making it ideal for higher temperature applications.

The Compact Design makes removal easy if maintenance needs to be performed.

The Replaceable seat, Blade and Blade Guides significantly increase valves life.

The Packing Gland is removable while in-line for easy packing replacement.

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