Vortex Maintenance Gate Handling Corn Flour

Published: May 3, 2017

Customer: Tortilla Flour Mill

Material: Whole Ears of Corn

Product: Corn Flour

Valve: Maintenance Gate

Features: 1/8″ – (3 mm) perforations throughout the gate’s blade.

Application: Transporting whole corn from a *nixtamal tank onto a belt conveyor. Provide a method to drain liquid from the simmered corn and aerate the tank, should an upset condition occur.

Results: The gate remains in open position, only closing in the case of an upset condition. The blade’s perforations allow liquids from the processed corn to drain through the blade, while also allowing air to circulate into the holding tank. This solution helps prevent the corn from molding while the upset condition is being addressed.

*Nixtamal: A process in tortilla flour production. Whole ears of corn are simmered in a solution of lime and water, in order to loosen corn hulls from their kernels. This process makes the corn kernels softer and more nutritious.