Vortex® Loading Spout Handling Fertilizer

Published: February 23, 2018

Client: a fertilizer supplier – Midwest USA

Spout Dimensions:

  • Outlet diameter: 14 in. (355 mm)
  • Travel Distance: 12 ft. (3.66 m)
  • Volumetric Flow Rate: 250 CFM


  • Intended for enclosed loading.
  • Equipped with a Vortex Compact In-Line Filtration System (capable of filtering 25 cubic ft/sec)
  • Equipped with a Level Sensing Kit.
  • Custom square-to-round transition flange that allows the spout to match up with the outlet of the silo.

Application: This Vortex retractable loading spout is being used at a barge transload facility to convey finished fertilizers.

Details: The Vortex Loading Spout features a four-cable lifting design with CNC-machined pulleys to reduce cable wear and backlashing. The Vortex Compact In-Line Filtration System features pulse jets above each filter. The pulse jets continuously purge the filters so that accumulated dusts are routed back down through the spout and into the loading vessel below. This improves operations by allowing material dusts to be loaded as product, rather than being transferred as waste to a dust collection system.

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