Vortex Loading Spout with Elongated Hatch Handling Industrial Sand

Published: November 1, 2017


  • Outlet: 14 in. (355 mm)
  • Travel Distance: 9 ft. (2.75 m)

Location: Sand Processing Facility, USA


  • Elongated hatch adapter (optional)
  • Dustless loading skirt (made from neoprene rubber)

Purpose: Address environmental issues when loading rail cars that contain elongated loading hatches, also known as “trough hatches.”


The Vortex Hatch Adapter effectively covers the rectangular opening and confines airborne particles created during the loading process. In this application, a vacuum pull transfers displaced air and material dust particles to a remote dust collector.

The Vortex Loading Spout is designed to handle the Hatch Adapter’s added weight. The Hatch Adapter may be removed at any time, so that the spout may also be used to load rail cars with smaller, round loading hatches. 

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