Titan Lined Multi-Port Diverter Handling Sand and Cement

Published: September 12, 2019

Client: Cement Mix Packager, Southeastern USA

Size: 14 in | 356 mm

Weight: 750 lb | 340 kg


  • This Vortex Multi-Port Diverter features three 2-way Titan Lined Diverters connected by fabricated chutes.
  • The diverters and the chutes are manufactured with replaceable, abrasion resistant, interior steel liners (400 BHN) to address the abrasive qualities of the materials handled. This feature extends the service life of the diverter.
  • Each diverter contains an exterior access port that allows inspection or maintenance of the diverter without having to remove it from service.

Application: The multi-port arrangement allows material to be delivered from a single source to any of four destinations – one destination at a time.