Titan Lined Diverter Handling Coal, PET Coke & Limestone

Published: April 28, 2020

Size & Weight: 34” (864 mm) – 2100 lbs. (952 kg)

Handling: Coal, PET Coke, & Limestone

Location: Power Plant, Southwestern US

Features: This electrically-actuated Vortex Titan-Lined Diverter features a blade and replaceable liners made of abrasion-resistant steel (400 BHN) to address wear from the material handled.

A side access panel allows future inspection or maintenance within the diverter’s interior without having to remove it from place.

Application: Last year we featured a case study of this diverter being built in our manufacturing facility. Now we are able to share a photo of the diverter installed.

The customer has added limestone to the material being handled.

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