Roller Gates Handling Dry Grains in Whiskey Distillery

Published: September 13, 2017

Customer: Whiskey distillery, USA

Material: Rye, Corn & Barley


  • Vortex Roller Gates (qty: 12): Carbon steel valve body, Carbon steel material contact, Pneumatic actuation
  • Vortex Roller Gate (qty: 1): 304 stainless steel valve body, 304 stainless steel material contact, Hand-crank actuation


Three Roller Gates are installed outdoors below a screw conveyor. They are installed at different points along the conveyor, serving as gates above three separate silos. Depending on material type, the rye, corn and barley are separated into the three silos.

The remaining 10 Roller Gates are installed indoors.

Carbon steel was used to construct both the valve body and material contact so that if metal flakes are to contaminate in-line, the system’s metal detection system can recognize the alloy. Aluminum or stainless steel would have gone undetected.


The gates were sourced for installation in a brand-new distilling facility. All valves inside the facility were supplied by Vortex. While many companies bid for the contract to supply this facility, the customer selected Vortex because they were impressed by the Roller Gate’s customization, durability, and ease of maintenance. The gates have been installed for one year, problem-free.

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