Roller Gate Handling Sugar

Published: April 17, 2017


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Union City, CA

Material: Cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, cocoa powder and miscellaneous ingredients.

Application: Discharge blended product from the bottom of a dry mixer onto a steel belt conveyor.

Solution: Replace present knife gates, which leak material and bind up.

Valve: Vortex Roller Gate (Model: SA12-MG-WS1-RS)


Following a visit from the Vortex Mobile Display Unit, Blommer ordered three Vortex Roller Gates. Each gate was equipped with manually adjustable, variable position controls. The controls allow the blade to actuate between the open position, a variable closed position, and a fully closed position. This control option is one of many that customers may utilize to meter the flow of product through a Vortex valve.

The gates were installed in fall 2003. Blommer Chocolate was so satisfied, they ordered another that was installed in spring 2004.

The gates have yet to bind up or leak material, and are easy to clean. The adjustable position controls allow personnel the ability to easily control the flow of material onto the belt conveyor.

Blommer plans to replace other knife gates in their facility with Vortex gates.