Q&A with: Mark Parisi of Flo-Dynamics Components, Inc.

Published: August 20, 2018

Q. You mentioned you’ve represented Vortex products for nearly 25 years. In that time, what has it been like to work with Vortex?

A. It has been a great partnership. When Flo-Dynamics Components, Inc. first started representing Vortex products in 1994, Vortex sales in our territory were initially non-existent. Today, Flo-Dynamics’ Components Division has grown to be one of Vortex’s most consistent sales representatives. Our direct sales model has proven to be an excellent resource for providing unique components to our customer base. Our sales and service teams have had an incredible impact on sales growth and the success of Vortex product lines.

Q. Having represented Vortex products for so many years, you have seen many new products evolve and innovations be made. That said, what is your opinion of the products and services offered through Vortex?

A. About 75 percent of Vortex products are modeled off of the Orifice Gate, which was the industry’s first slide gate specifically designed for handling dry solid materials. The key to that product is its unique features: replaceable seals, maintenance friendliness, etc. Vortex has developed a design philosophy around that product and its key features, and it has modeled innovations which have led to several other new products. In my opinion, that sense of product consistency and continuous innovation are what has led to Vortex’s significant company growth.

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