Orifice Gates for Bulk Rice Flour

Published: April 21, 2015

Valve Size: 12” (300 mm)

Handling: Rice Flour

Location: Grain Cooperative in the Southern US.


Details: The Orifice Gates were installed below product bins, and above rotary airlocks. Stainless, round-to-square transitions were supplied to match the bolt pattern on the airlock. The electric actuators are classified for hazardous location due to concerns with the explosive characteristics from grain dust. A manual override hand wheel was included, in the event the actuators should ever lose power.

The valve bodies are constructed from carbon steel, and finished in white paint. The paint prevents the gates from rusting and serves as an identifier for food-grade equipment. Material contact points are constructed from 304 stainless steel and PET polymer.

A custom viewport (pictured left) was added to allow operators to visually identify whether the valve’s blade is open or closed. The blade clevis is painted orange, making it more visible through the port window.

A Vortex Clear Action Gate is the valve that would typically be used for this application. However, the customer was already using a number of Orifice Gates throughout their plant and liked the valve’s performance. They also liked the idea of carrying spare parts for just one product line.

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