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Our knowledge and experience with handling abrasive materials like salt came from an extended and close working relationship with the salt industry. We identified slide gates and diverter valves' key wear points, reinforced those areas with abrasion resistant materials, and added features to reduce the time it takes to perform maintenance on our components. These improvements extend the valve's service life and reduce life-cycle costs.

Salt is a mineral that is essential for all animal life. It is obtained through mining or by evaporation of seawater. Of the approximately 200 million tons of annual production, about 6% is consumed by humans. Other uses are water conditioning, highway de-icing, and agriculture.

Due to the corrosive nature of salt, valving may be ordered as standard, with stainless steel "wetted" parts and frames, or with epoxy coated exteriors - depending on the environment where handled.

Best equipment for use in the



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