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Our knowledge and expertise with handling grain comes from a long history and close working relationship with the grain industry. We've identified slide gates and diverter valves' key leaking and wear points, developed proprietary sealing and abrasion resistant technologies and added features to reduce the time it takes to perform maintenance on our components. These improvements extend the valves' service life, while reducing life-cycle and house-keeping costs.

Grains are dry seeds that are harvested for animal and human consumption. They are well suited for transportation, storage, and processing into foods or oils. Certain grains contain attached hulls (barley, rice, soybeans, etc.) making them abrasive and more difficult to process. The by-product of processed grains (distillers dried grains, corn meal, malt, sprouts, wheat middlings, bran products, etc.) are used as ingredients by companies who manufacture commercial feed. On occasion, the entire seed cone is involved, as is the case when utilizing hops to brew.

Vortex handles a wide variety of products where seeds and by-products from seeds are involved.

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